Office of the Provost, Planning and Finance

The Office of the Provost, Planning and Finance provides oversight responsibility for all personnel processes related to faculty, budget and finances for the Division of Academic Affairs.

This oversight includes:

  • Budget
  • Financial Reporting
  • Faculty Recruitment
  • New Position Requests
  • Faculty Appointments
  • Academic Verification Letters
  • Faculty Support Services
  • Credentialing
  • UFF-FIU Collective Bargaining Support
  • University Immigration Services
  • Promotion & Tenure
  • Panther 180 Support
  • Adjunct & Instructional Contracts
  • Faculty Compensation
  • Emeritus Appointment Support
  • Courtesy Appointments
  • Faculty Nepotisms
  • Faculty Conflict of Interest/Outside Activity Reports

Meet the Team

  • Barbara Manzano

    Barbara Manzano
    Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs

  • Abilene Pinzon

    Abilene Pinzon
    Director, Academic Support Services

  • Christopher Townsend

    Christopher Townsend
    Assistant Vice President, Academic Budget and Personnel

  • Yanira Freire

    Yanira Freire
    Manager Administrative Svcs

  • Joseph Camps

    Joseph Camps
    Financial Analyst 3

  • Ernesto Rodriguez

    Ernesto Rodriguez
    Senior Recruiter

  • Justo Sardina

    Justo Sardina
    Financial Analyst 3

  • Marshal Maurice

    Marshal Maurice
    Manager Administrative Svcs

  • Georgette Alfaro

    Georgette Alfaro
    Adminsitrative Specialist

  • Ryan Starling

    Ryan Starling
    Coord Academic Suppt Svcs

  • Alexandra Re

    Alexandra Re
    Administrative Support

  • Melanie Medina Del Pino

    Melanie Medina Del Pino
    Coord Academic Suppt Svcs

  • Kaeyla Campos

    Kaeyla Campos
    Sr. HR Specialist

  • Dylania Hornia

    Dylania Hornia
    Federal Work Study

  • Gabriela Carcache Rojas

    Gabriela Carcache Rojas
    Federal Work Study