University Leadership

Vice provosts, deans, administrators and several administrative units report directly to the provost and help form the leadership of the university.

Elizabeth Bejar, provost, headshot


Elizabeth Béjar, Ph.D., serves as provost, executive vice president and chief operating officer at Florida International University. As provost, Dr. Béjar is a member of the university's executive leadership team charged with defining, refining and supporting FIU's strategic direction.

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Vice Provosts

  • Heather Russell

    Heather Russell
    Vice Provost, Faculty Leadership and Success

  • William Anderson

    William Anderson
    Assoc. Vice Provost for Academic Research Initiatives

  • Suzanna Rose

    Suzanna Rose
    Assoc. Provost, Faculty Leadership and Success

Vice Presidents

  • Andres Gil

    Andres Gil
    Sr. Vice President, Research & Economic Development; Dean, University Graduate School

  • Charles Andrews

    Charles Andrews
    Interim Vice President, Student Affairs

  • Bridgette E. Cram

    Bridgette E. Cram
    Vice President, Academic Affairs, Student Success Operations and Integrated Planning

  • Robert Grillo

    Robert Grillo
    Vice President, Information Technology; Chief Information Officer

  • Susan Himburg

    Susan Himburg
    Assoc. Vice President Academic Planning & Accountability

  • Barbara Manzano

    Barbara Manzano
    Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs

  • Evangelia Prevolis

    Evangelia Prevolis
    Assoc. Vice President, FIU Online

  • Julissa Castellanos

    Julissa Castellanos
    Asst. Vice President, Regional and World Locations

  • Hilary Landorf

    Hilary Landorf
    Asst. Vice President of Global Learning Initiatives


  • Juan Cendan

    Juan Cendan
    Dean, Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine

  • Michael Cheng

    Michael Cheng
    Dean, Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management

  • Shlomi Dinar

    Shlomi Dinar
    Dean, Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs

  • Juan Carlos Espinosa

    Juan Carlos Espinosa
    Dean, Honors College

  • Tomas Guilarte

    Tomas Guilarte
    Dean, Robert Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work

  • William Hardin

    William Hardin
    Dean, College of Business

  • Michael Heithaus

    Michael Heithaus
    Executive Dean, College of Arts, Sciences & Education

  • Nancy Kirkpatrick

    Nancy Kirkpatrick
    Dean, Libraries

  • Antony Page

    Antony Page
    Dean, College of Law

  • Brian Schriner

    Brian Schriner
    Dean, College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts

  • Ines Triay

    Ines Triay
    Interim Dean, College of Engineering & Computing

  • Jorge Valdes

    Jorge Valdes
    Interim Dean, Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences


  • Noël Barengo

    Noël Barengo
    Interim Chair, Faculty Senate

  • Kristin Nichols-Lopez

    Kristin Nichols-Lopez
    Faculty Fellow for Academic Integrity

  • Carleen Vincent-Robinson

    Carleen Vincent-Robinson
    Faculty Fellow, Office of the Provost

  • James Sutton

    James Sutton
    Faculty Fellow, Office of the Provost


  • Lili Betancourt Space

    Lili Betancourt Space
    Executive Director, CasaCuba

  • Susan Gladstone

    Susan Gladstone
    Director, Jewish Museum of Florida

  • Marianne Lamonaca

    Marianne Lamonaca
    Program Director, The Humanities Edge

  • Miriam Machado

    Miriam Machado
    Interim Director, Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum

  • Casey Steadman

    Casey Steadman
    Director, Wolfsonian-FIU Museum

  • Damaris Valdes

    Damaris Valdes
    Director of Operations, Office of the Provost

  • Ashley Kuntz

    Ashley Kuntz
    Program Director of Prestigious Scholar Development