About FLS Theater

FLS Theater offers engaging, live performances by professional actors, either virtually or in person. It provides interactive learning experiences focused on leadership topics for academic or medical administrators, faculty, students, and staff.

"Brilliant use of so many layers at once; in theater, in the process of creating theater, in the workshop, in making changes to the (university) landscape."

FLS Theater performance

Jeffrey Steiger, the Creative Director of FLS Theater, has partnered with FIU’s Office of Faculty Leadership and Sucess to build this next generation of interactive, educational theater for FIU OFLS. Mr. Steiger is an Adjunct Instructor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences and was the founding/former artistic director of CRLT Players at the University of Michigan. He has presented his plays to over 100 academic institutions including Harvard, Stanford and the University of Nagoya, Japan.
By drawing from real life experiences of faculty members, the theater allows participants to identify behaviors and unpack situations dynamics relevant to their everyday work life. Following a play, audiences are engaged in a highly interactive curriculum that will teach them to recognize factors that contribute to an adverse work environment, as well as being able to recognize how to act in order to create a more welcoming and inclusive work environment.