Faculty Ombuds

What is the Faculty Ombuds's role?
The Faculty Ombuds assists members of our faculty with addressing concerns and conflicts in an informal and confidential manner outside of the grievance process and other formal channels. S/he is a knowledgeable, independent, neutral, informal and confidential resource whose objective is to identify solutions leading to faculty success. The appointment of a Faculty Ombuds underlines the Provost's commitment to effective faculty relations and enhancing the work place experience at the institution.      
What services does the Faculty Ombuds provide?
The Faculty Ombuds offers confidential consultations to any member of the FIU faculty. S/he listens impartially, provides information, helps with fact-finding, and explains options without giving formal opinions or binding recommendations. S/he makes referrals to appropriate offices on campus and assists with developing a mutually agreed-upon action plan.
The Faculty Ombuds conducts mediation between parties, serving as a liaison to the faculty and the other party and address concerns in a mutually acceptable way. In the mediation process the parties will discover information, discuss issues, review options, and outline a plan for the future.
Does the Faculty Ombuds disclose information?
The Faculty Ombuds does not disclose a faculty member's information. Her/his duties include the submission of an annual report to the Vice Provost for Faculty & Global Affairs which only outlines trends in order for the administration to take action and improve conditions.
Is the Faculty Ombuds qualified to provide this service?
The Faculty Ombuds has attended the training provided by the International Ombudsman Association and abides by its ethical principles as expressed in its Code of Ethics for the Ombudsman profession.
Contact information:
Dr. Rebecca Friedman
Email: friedmar@fiu.edu
Phone: 305-348-0169
Office: PC 520A