Strategic Planning Committees

The Strategic Planning Committee provides oversight and recommendations regarding the development of the 2030 Strategic Plan. Committee duties include reviewing the strategic plan and proposing revisions, making recommendations regarding the implementation of the strategic plan and monitoring the progress made toward achieving FIU's goals.

The FIU Experience

The FIU Experience is the continued development of a forward-thinking, innovative and welcoming environment that attracts students and faculty from around the world. It reflects our shared commitment to the university’s values: truth, freedom, respect, responsibility and excellence.

  • Noël Barengo

    Noël Barengo
    Committee Co-chair; Chair, Faculty Senate; Member, Board of Trustees; Associate Professor, Division of Medical and Population Health Sciences Education and Research

  • Anthony Rionda

    Anthony Rionda
    Committee Co-chair; Associate Vice President, Division of Strategic Communications, Government and External Affairs

Committee Members

  • Umut Caglar
  • Scott Carr
  • Roger Clegg
  • Michael Creeden
  • Sara Ducuennois
  • Carlos Flores
  • Jody Glassman
  • Bob Hacker
  • Andrea Jay
  • Sanyo Matthew
  • Kristin Nichols-Lopez
  • Ruth Pacheco
  • Kaitlyn Pereyra
  • Sean Prospect
  • Rebecca Toonkel
  • Sofia Trelles
  • Carlos Varona
  • Santana Way

Research Excellence

Research Excellence focuses on inquiry, creativity, innovation and the development of scientific knowledge and understanding. Our dedication to research is defined by a commitment to fostering an environment that empowers faculty to develop innovative research and creative works.

  • William Anderson Jr.

    William Anderson Jr.
    Committee Co-chair; Associate Vice President, Office of Research & Economic Development; Associate Vice Provost, Academic Research Initiatives

  • Angie Laird

    Angie Laird
    Committee Co-chair; Scientific Director, FlU Embrace; Director, FIU Center for Imaging Science Professor, Department of Physics

Committee Members

  • Carlos Becerra
  • Arindam Chowdhury
  • Karlene Cousins
  • Trudy Gaillard
  • Tomas Guilarte
  • Shahid Hamid
  • Howard Holness
  • Aaron Kuntz
  • Mario Loyola
  • Geoff Potvin
  • Bianca Premo
  • Rene Price
  • Jorge Riera Diaz
  • Rita Teutonico

Mission-Aligned Engagement and Partnerships

Mission-Aligned Engagement and Partnerships focuses on fostering meaningful and strategic connections with the community and developing mission-aligned partnerships. These partnerships will support the university’s ability to drive economic and social mobility, the success of our students and address our community's priorities.

  • Michelle Mason

    Michelle Mason
    Committee Co-chair; Senior Associate Dean for Experiential Learning; Associate Dean for Enrollment; College of Law Faculty Administrator, Department of Humanities, Health and Society

  • John Stuart

    John Stuart
    Committee Co-chair; Executive Director, Miami Beach Urban Studies; Associate Dean for Cultural and Community Engagement

Committee Members

  • Jaime Canaves
  • Julissa Castellanos
  • Laura Castillo
  • Joey Corey
  • Karla Fortuny
  • Phillip Hamilton
  • Nancy Kirkpatrick
  • Diann Newman
  • Elaine Pritzker
  • Gretchen Sauerman
  • Lili Space
  • Alex Sutton
  • Anthony Teague
  • Brian Van Hook


FIU's administration oversees the development and implementation of the university's strategic plan.

  • Kenneth Jessell

    Kenneth Jessell
    President of FIU

  • Elizabeth Béjar

    Elizabeth Béjar
    Provost, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

  • Bridgette E. Cram

    Bridgette E. Cram
    Vice President, Academic Affairs, Student Success Operations and Integrated Planning

Supporting Staff

  • Eliana Guzman
  • Yasmin LaRocca
  • Hiselgis Perez
  • Valeria E. Stevenson
  • Damaris Valdes
  • Adam Zimmerman

Your Voice Matters

In the coming months, the university community will come together to define the vision for the future of FIU. You’re encouraged to share your thoughts, feedback, perspective and ideas at our listening and visioning sessions.