Our Focus

For the 2030 strategic plan, we have identified three pillars focused on the future of higher education: The FIU Experience, Research Excellence and Mission-Aligned Engagement and Partnerships.

The FIU Experience

FIU calculus students in an active learning classroom

The FIU Experience is the continued development of a forward-thinking, innovative and welcoming environment that attracts students and faculty from across the world. It reflects our shared commitment to the university’s values: truth, freedom, respect, responsibility and excellence.

We recognize the importance of investing in teaching and learning to support faculty in their goal of providing students with enriching academic experiences. Furthermore, the commitment to service excellence, woven throughout the university, is a key factor in ensuring the FIU experience.

To achieve this, FIU will:

  • Invest in teaching and learning best practices.
  • Use data analytics to inform student success strategies.
  • Invest in training and professional development that focuses on service excellence.
  • Align campus planning to the strategic plan goals.
  • Increase collaboration and coordination to create process improvements.
  • Integrate 21st century knowledge, competencies, and skills into the curriculum.
  • Invest in experiential learning opportunities for students.
  • Design the student journey to create a seamless experience.
  • Prioritize educational affordability and an experience that is accessible to all.
  • Engage alumni, community partners and industry experts to enrich the FIU community.

Research Excellence

Research Excellence focuses on inquiry, creativity, innovation and the development of scientific knowledge and understanding. Our dedication to research is defined by a commitment to fostering an environment that empowers faculty to develop innovative research and creative works.

To accomplish our mission of leading transformative innovations and producing state-of-the-art research, each college and school must be recognized for its contributions to the research enterprise.

To achieve this, FIU will:

  • Develop an infrastructure that supports faculty in achieving their research goals.
  • Recognize the diversity of faculty contributions to the research enterprise.
  • Facilitate and support interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Invest in commercialization and tech transfer faculty development and support.
  • Engage with industry to further the impact of our research findings.
  • Foster a culture of scholarship and research within our undergraduate and graduate students through intentional programming and training of undergraduate students.

Mission-Aligned Engagement and Partnerships

Mission-Aligned Engagement and Partnerships

Mission-Aligned Engagement and Partnerships focuses on fostering meaningful and strategic connections with the community and developing mission-aligned partnerships. These partnerships will develop new industries, provide care to the most vulnerable and ensure that our community benefits from a Carnegie R1 public research university.

To achieve this, FIU will:

  • Partner with industry and employer partners to connect our curriculum and research to address critical issues facing our community.
  • Expand collaborative opportunities with our alumni.
  • Identify community partnerships that can scale our impact in key areas, such as health, environmental resilience, technology and innovation.
  • Serve as a trusted training partner in emerging sectors and a resource for entrepreneurship and small business development.
  • Identify local and national opportunities for partnership opportunities related to research.
  • Continue to collaborate with our neighboring school districts and develop partnerships that contribute to our community's educational ecosystem.
  • Leverage local, national and global partnerships to fortify Florida's reputation as a hub for economic growth, research and innovation in higher education and the greater community.

Areas of Strategic Focus

We have also identified three initial areas of strategic focus: Health, Environment and Environmental Resilience and Innovation.

  • Health
  • Environment & Environmental Resilience
  • Innovation

Your Voice Matters

In the coming months, the university community will come together to define the vision for the future of FIU. You’re encouraged to share your thoughts, feedback, perspective and ideas at our listening and visioning sessions.