The Fain Fellow

The Fain Fellow award recognizes outstanding performance by our faculty in advancing the university's mission and encourages the continued development of exceptional initiatives. Awardees are named Fain Fellows and presented with The Fain Medal at the annual Faculty Convocation.

In addition, they will receive a certificate noting the reason for receiving this honor and a one-time stipend of $10,000 from the Florida International University Foundation. Finally, the names and dates of award recipients will be placed on wall plaques in the Fain Room in the Green Library and near the Founders plaque in the Hubert Library.


The Fain Medal will be awarded to a member of the faculty who demonstrates a commitment to the mission of FIU as reflected in the university motto Spes Scientia Facultas (Hope, Knowledge, Opportunity).

Focus on improving the world (as viewed on a spectrum ranging from a single individual to the world at large).

Focus on the transmission, dissemination, or generation of information (as represented in forms including, but not limited to, teaching, research, and experimentation).

Focus on the creation and realization of occasions for success and progress (as represented by individuals, groups, organizations, and societies).


Faculty members who have held a full-time academic appointment at FIU for a minimum of five consecutive years (tenured or non-tenured track).


  • A demonstration of a sustained commitment to advancing the mission of FIU
  • A body of work demonstrating impact locally, regionally, globally, or within a specific discipline aligned with two of the three facets of the University's motto
  • A record of engagement beyond regular appointments such as, but not limited to:
    • Activities focused on enhancing the academic lives of students
    • Addressing the needs of students, staff, or faculty
    • Building linkages connecting the University with various communities
    • The improvement or creation of academic or professional agendas of excellence
    • Evidence of Philanthropy to FIU
  • Activities can be at the program, department, college or school, or University level
  • This is a one-time award, and recipients are not eligible for a second nomination